Dear Reader,

First of all I would like to say thank you for visiting my blog. I’m pleasantly surprised that you’re here!

To introduce myself, I’m an English Literature postgrad student. My main area of interest is British Victorian novels. But here, you’re likely to find things I do outside of my studies. 

I love to read, but I am extremely slow at writing. And I seem to get slower every year. So this site is my personal way to motivate myself to write. It was originally a blog I created during my undergrad for a writing course. After years of abandonment, I’ve refurbished it to fit my present taste. I revisit it every once in a while when I have a writer’s block. 

As you may notice, everything here is messy and only half formed. I am aiming to produce as much writing as possible. Hopefully the practice will enable me to eventually think about quality, but not now. I feel I can write freely knowing that hardly anyone is aware of the existence of this obscure blog. But then perhaps, secretly, I’m glad to have readers.

Again, thank you for visiting. I hope you may find something of interest.

Wishing you all the best,